Friday, August 12, 2005


My Herb Garden

Here's my Herb Garden Block. Home at last and looking gorgeous. These pics don't really do it justice, the colours are a little softer. I now just have to fill in any gaps. It's made from four smaller gardens joined with green silk lawns. I'm very tempted to rethink my cushion idea, separate the blocks and......Any suggestions?
Helen, who did the lavender and do you have a 'pattern'?
as Helen hasn't replied,I'll add my two cents worth!
The foliage would have been formed with a Fly stitch and the flowers would be a bullion stitch.These could be done with one or two strands of DMC cotton(or similar) and using a milliner's needle.I find that if I use two shades of lavender thread when making these bullion stitches you get more interesting flowers.
It also helps if you use a couple of shades for the foliage too.just to give a variation of colour and shadow.
Thank you Maureen - I will be having a go at these as 'someone' whose name I cannot mention - not a million miles from here (shush don't say a word)- said she likes lavender. I used to but since I lost my sense of smell it is one of my greatest lossed (sigh) never mind I will have to make do with bullioned ones.

Realised I have been doing my bullions wrong too so a good opportunity to practice!
Thanks Maureen, I did reply the other day,but it doesn't seem to have appeared.
Those lavender bushes are Catherine B's speciality. I am going to put some ( or try to ) on Ann-Maree's block before I send it home.
I always ran into all sorts of trouble Jacqui when doing bullions. But since using Straw(Milliner's)needles, have had no problem.
Helen, I really love the idea of the herb Garden, Personally I would leave it as you planned, but when you finish it, how about, putting in quilting to represent, little hedges down the green paths to represent it as a "knot" garden, which might help to tie it all together. Have a look at some pics of Formal ELizabethan "parterre" gardens, that is the idea I have in my mind.

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