Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Mini - stocking swap

I made this stocking for the July mini-swap. My first "proper" cq project. I had started another stocking which didn't work. This was a late Sunday night plan b, using whatever I had on hand, and I was very pleased with the result.


It's great.....but one query....I didn't know that 'proper' and cq actually should appear in the same sentence!!!!!What do you think?
Isn't it great how we can use what is on hand when me must....most times we convince ourselves of the need to go get more stuff!
Thanks pinup. Bad choice of word calling it proper, because the other bits I've done certainly haven't been improper :) What I should have said was it's the first cq project I've completed.

I dithered for ages about doing it in cq, there was this little voice in my head giving me grief about my lack of competence, so as well as using what was on hand, I also leapt in without too much thinking about it. I realise I might not have done it if I'd waited till next day to go get more stuff.
Belle, I love this little stocking, it is quite sophisticated in the choice of colours (like the black with the silvery embroidery)
What doesn't show up too well on Belle's scan are the three dimensional objects. the angel and teddy bear.
I think this stocking is exquisit - I especially like the lettering and the combination of strong prints without their clashing and I think this is achieved by using palin dark fabrics to contrast with those prints. The choice of the bark fabrics is very brave and unusual but works really well. IMHO :)
Thanks for your praise, girls. Oh, look at my big head!!

That piece that looks black is actually a deep olive green. I started with the idea of wanting a rich looking stocking in only a couple of colours - this ended up being more than 2, but I think they worked ok.

The finished stocking matched my original 'vision'.
Just love this stocking and the colours you've used Belle. Just had a look at a closeup and it looks even better.
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