Saturday, August 13, 2005


Links and spiders

Please bear with me---as I think that those of you who "know" me realise that computer literate I'm NOT!!
I'm determined to get this "link thingo" working for me:

On Sherry Wade's site ( )

I found a pic of a lovely WHITE SPIDER on one of her blocks and wanted to share it with you(it's in Sherry's craft section as one of her CQ blocks)
So-- if my linking still doesn't work out,the addie is HERE (rather "up there" for you to copy and paste.
Maureen, are the spider's body and head beads do you think? It is really good. Belle's is a side view and is really good too, very realistic. I will try to enlarge that section so you can see the spider better but my camera will only go in to 20cm :)
I reckon that pearlised beads were used: a small/medium size seed bead for head/thorax, and a bugle(?/pear shaped)bead for the abdomen.
If you have macro on your camera,try that on Belle's spider and then possibly enlarging or tweaking it through Photoshop or Picasa may help.
I will endeavour to remember to ask my DD(pro photog.) for some hints!!
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