Friday, August 19, 2005


In my spare time

Hello All,

Just thought I'd give you a bit of a look at what I've been doing in between blocks for this RR. (I can post pics now 'cos Jenny has received it) This is a small version of the Christmas stockings that I do in CQ (my only real CQ that I had done previously) I have made one each year as part of my Secret Santa gift for a colleague, over the last 4 or 5 years, this smaller one I made for the Mini Swap Xmas in July. I must admit that my embellishing techniques have improved over time.

It is so the stocking and how the 'patches' blend together...well done!
Thank you for sharing it with us, Hope. It is so good to see other people's work. The way the RR turned out - with an advanced group and a beginners - has been really good as it has meant we can all see all levels - where you were, we are, and where we can aspire to LOL
.....and I reckon that for the NEXT RR we mix in together, stir the cauldronand wait to see the results!
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