Sunday, August 07, 2005

I tried the photo posting on the blogger dashboard but it wouldn't work for me either so I will go back to the old fashioned way :)

Your photo needs to be hosted somewhere on the web. Belle you have a webshot account (or whatever it's really called but you know what I mean) so use that.

For each picture you will need to know the URL or address of where it is hosted. If you are not sure right click with your mouse on the image and choose properties at the bottom of the box. You will then see the URL you need in full.

Now you need to type the following code in your blog message

< img src="

them type the URL

them type after the URL

" >

so for a photo of my block which I resized and then put on my website I would type

< img src="">

To get the code to show up in this message I had to add a space after the < and before the > in all three instructions so remember that the only space in the real code is between the 'img' and 'src' - if your code does not work check your typing even one pace, comma, spelling mistake etc. means it will not work!

And when I type it properly it looks like this

Maureen, they look good enough to eat! but I am trying to be good and loose some weight before the winter comes and I put on my 'keep warm fat' for the season, so naughty, naughty to tempt me so :)
I used Photobucket as I've problem while using Picasa. Now it works wonderfully for me.
Love those colours together Jacqui.I'll have to try them myself.
I don't seem to have trouble with the posting of pics from my own computer files, but as yet I haven't tried posting any from elsewhere.
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