Wednesday, August 24, 2005


How and why

Ok girls, thinking caps on. I realised when I'd finished Elly's boots that there was a lot of blank space still on the patch. Jammy and I talked about this, and how you more experienced cqer's made more use of all the available space than the beginners did. This made such a difference to how the blocks looked.

My problem is, I thought it would look better with something else there but I couldn't think what. Should I keep to the " cowboy" theme, or add something else , but what. I thought about some wavy lines of ribbon or flowers maybe, that would create some flow to the whole block, but that fabric has a marbly gold design through it and I wasn't sure what would work with it.

I'm wondering if you'd share your thoughts about how you decide what to add, to fill or not to fill, do you try to keep some sort of theme going, or just see what evolves. Would you plan from the start.

And if you did put more on that patch with the boots, any ideas what? And why? I realise not seeing the block 'in the flesh' makes a difference, but I'd like to get a bit of an idea.


Just briefly Belle ,I like to tackle seam treatments before I commence on the actual patch.
Another point to consider is that seam treatments don't necessarily need to "cover" just seam lines:they can meander where-ever you please, as a geometric style stitching or a loosely interpreted floral (vine,branch,spray of blossoms,whatever)
Then again try playing with a combination of beads,buttons and flowers.
I'll try and add a posting to further enlarge on this.
Of course in a cqrr it is difficult to stay with a plan as you don't know what someone else will do.
Adding to what is already there can work brilliantly as in the adding of the lily pads to the frog.....that really enhanced the frog.
I do get my clouring pencils out and doodle around with 'maybe's'....just squiggles to represent what is there and then adding to it.
I think the boots could do with a little something else....perhaps silver star sequin as spurs.....maybe a seam treatment of tassle....perhaps bring out the sequin bit by sewing a little stars&stripes flag off to the corner....a lasso meandering over seams......
It is a beautiful heart and in the beginning there is nothin wrong with 'less is more' much easier now to 'see' outside the patches now than when you began.
Thank you for your help ladies :) Belle and I both felt that the RR was nearing the end but the blocks we are working on are still a bit 'empty' especially in comparison to those of the advanced group! Maybe we just don't want it to finish :) Of course the block owners can always fill up the spaces as much or as little as they want when they get the blocks home.
You could always decide to send them around again!
Argh - Oh no - don't think I could stand the waiting - waiting for an idea what to sew that is!
It is interesting that we all seem to work in different ways. I rarely get out pencils to sketch ideas, instead I like to get out the threads and other embellishments and play around with them directly on the patch, trying out colours and sizes and shapes. I also go for the "more is better" philosophy in filling in the patches. I use my "stitch dictionary" for ideas and try to use combination stitches in the seam treatments, sometimes doing a variation of what I started out to do. (as with the butterflies on Geminista's block)
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