Saturday, August 27, 2005


Here's an update on Maureen's block. I tried so hard to stitch a cat but gave up after unpicking it several times and resorted to flowers once again.

On the far left is the Christmas stocking I made for the mini swap.

Really like your stocking Helen, it's so elegant. See you've done a snowflake, I wanted to do some on my stocking but couldn't work out how, I like yours.
I was beginning to wonder if I did have a block "out there" as it seems sooooooooo long since I saw it or heard anything (since Pinup's blue faces).Now I can find bluebirds,lavender,Lyn's iris and a SRE rose and of course my house's trademark---spider webs!!
It will be interesting to read the logbook and find out "who" did "what"

Helen,have you crocheted,tatted or "destructed something" to get the snowflake?
I do like burgandy and cream/white for Christmas!
(Is anyone interested in a CHRISTMAS ORNIE SWAP??) asks she in fiendish glee
It's a beaded snowflake. A little kit with the how to instructions was very kindly added to a baggie swap I once took part in. I'm sure Linda wouldn't mind me sharing it with everyone. I'll sure be interested in an ornie swap Maureen.
Helen I love your stocking, the embellishment on each patch is exquisite.

Maureen, I would be interested in an ornament swap too.
Thanks for the snowflake instructions Helen, it does sound fiddly, but I can't wait to have a go.

I'll be in an ornie swap Mauzie
Oh B*****!! VBG!
Just off the top of my head..........what if we commit to making a number of Christmas Ornies(You to let me know number) and send them all to me by
November 12.(That gives you TEN weeks to work in....well allow at most a week in transit for Airmail post)
Give me/us a week to sort and mail and you'll have them back for Christmas
My ever patient DH will help me to sort them out,and I'll post to you a number equivalent to what you sent here/me.....if Ken does it you can be sure that I wont "hog" the best for myself and I'll publish pics to the Blog!
Any other suggestions will be pondered over(VBG)

Australian swappers to include a stamped addressed envelope (same cost as you posted to me)for return mail and overseas swappers we'll work something out to cover each others cost.
If I've missed anything,feel free to let me know!
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