Sunday, July 17, 2005


Lynette's Block

I have just finished work on Lynette's Block and have continued with the "pink" theme and the butterflies and flowers. I have worked some flowers in BDE (reminiscent of echinacea flowers) and added a pale pink glass butterfly bead and 2 Murano glass flower beads. For the seam I worked open chain stitches and filled the spaces with opalescent glass 5mm seed beads. I included a tiny pink signature in the patch as well. This block was a bit of a challenge as I wanted to work something that I have not done before and it sang to me of ribbon roses and beads and button clusters. I didn't listen to it's singing...I hope you like it Lynette.
If this is your first attempts at CQ Hope,I'm "bursting" to see your belly dancing costumes!!
(Don't you just love those Edmar threads??)
Love the BDE Hope, and those shiney threads :) Lyn will be sure to be delighted :)
Maureen, I have done a little bit before - a small Xmas stocking or two for friends, but I have done quite a bit of embroidery and I have plenty of inspiration from books, the web and all the lovely work I have seen from this RR. I am improving all the time. And Yes I do love the Edmar threads, though they do get in a twist a bit when I am doing the bullions.
Just remember to wind the threads in a clockwise motion Hope,and periodically "dangle" the thread to let it untwist to it's normal Z twist.
Lyn does like it thanks
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