Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Reference books

A discussion regarding the "best" reference books for Silk Ribbon Embroidery has reared its head.
Over the years,I've accumulated a "few"..........!
I started with the Milner Craft series publications featuring Jenny Bradford........I have 4 or 5 of hers and I still use them.
Then along came Merrilyn Heazlewood and her spring bulbs and gorgeous Fuschias
Express publications have also had a couple of books on Ribbon embroidery "Ribbon Embroidery"
Kangaroo Press has some books by Heather Joynes which cover both silk and satin ribbons.And in more recent years,Judith Baker Montano has always included some SRE in most of her books,particularly "Elegant Stitches" and "Floral stitches".
These days I tend to go mainly to the "Encyclopaedia of Ribbon Embroidery Borders" by Deanna Hall West,and J Marsha Michler's Ribbon embroidery transfers for "ideas" to translate my way.
Check out your local libraries before you buy anything.Most books will give you the basic stitches,and the hardest part of SRE is making the first stitch!
Make yourself a "scribble cloth" and PLAY with trying out the basic stitches,then TRY the various flowers,and if necessary write notes on the fabric alongside your stitching....or add the stitch samples and notes to your journal for future reference.
If you'd like me to add sketches of various stitches in future postings,please add a comment to that effect!
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