Thursday, June 30, 2005


More of pinup's block

I have just finished this patch on pinup's block. When I received it, I immediately thought of peacock feathers, so here is the one I did, a bit stylised, but this is supposed to be creative. I used Marlitt threads for the eye of the feather and for some of the "feathery bits" (Can't remember what they are called) and in between I have used a metallic machine embroidery thread, all done with stem stitch. The eye of the feather is done in padded satin stitch and leaf satin stitch, with a single circle of bluish, greenish irridescent seed beads to add extra shine. The seam is embellished with lazy daisy in red, with gold beads.

I love the bold strong colours of this block.
Absolutely beautiful and you're right those colours really 'sing'. Did you draw the shapes / lines on first or sew free hand?
Jacqui, I used a chalk pencil to draw a few of the lines and the eye shape, (the ones done in the Marlitt) then for the finer lurex thread I just sewed freehand, filling the gaps up as much as possible and allowing the ends of the "feathery bits" to sort of fan out as a real feather would.In the Marlitt I used single strands, except for the vein of the feather.
At the local craft shop, the proprietor was very helpful with colours and even digging out a pack of peacock feathers for me to look at (apparently they are 'just the thing' for the school formals this year)
I know some ladies that would die for your peacock feather!!
They participated in a Peacock RR last year.Check out
and you'll see what I mean.
I look forward to getting pinup's block in my hot little hands! :-)
Oh that is just soooooo good.

And excellent use of the shape of the patch.
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