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Mokuba Ribbon flowers

The stages of making a Mokuba picot edged ribbon flower

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Scans without explanatory words aren't much use,I know---
On a recent Fan block (for Jan W) I had a spray of flowers .........some were silk ribbon embroidery,one or two others were constructed from picot edged polyester Mokuba ribbon,and this is how I tackle them:
The first step is to cut about 1.5 inches of a quarter inch ribbon.
Seal one end of the ribbon with a flame......a lit candle is the easiest, and you'll have a hard melted edge.
From the unburned end,unravel the horizontal threads and then when you've decided whether you want the darker or lighter side as flower centre,pull ona thread until it is gathered tightly.
Holding the gathered side in position(to make flower shape),burn this remaining raw edge.
Let one end overlap the other to form a small flower and then using a matching thread,sew the flower into position through the flower centre,adding one or more seed or delica beads as a centre,or fill centre with French knots.
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