Saturday, June 04, 2005


Mixing embroidery with SRE

One of our newbies posed a question that may be bothering others out there:

"Is it the done thing to mix regular embroidery using regular cotton threads with silk ribbon embroidery?"

One thing I love about CQ is "No rules"!!!
Mix and match whatever threads,fabrics and silk ribbons that PLEASE you!
When I first started SRE I learnt to lay the stems and branches with "stem stitch" using stranded cotton;and when you think about it,Nature uses many and varied textures----a woody stem differs from a soft stem and a rose petal certainly has a different texture to a stem.

When I refer to my copy of"Encyclopaedia of Ribbon Embroidery Borders"by Deanna Hall West for inspiration,I find that virtually every border embellishment is based on a stranded cotton framework--------
So,mixing "regular embroidery" using stranded cotton threads with SRE???
Have just been checking out
and she writes of embroidering a basket and adding (silk) flowers..check her out!
Just bought my first SRE book - so there's no holding me back now Maureen :)
Don't keep us in suspense Jacqui---what did you buy?
(just in case I "need" to go out and buy another book!!)
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