Monday, June 20, 2005


I Did it Again!

Hi all :)

I hope no one objects to this but I thought I'd show you my new CQ block. I couldn't resist starting another new block using the same palette as my first which is going in the RR. I guess my 'bag' is going to be a quilt or wallhanging. If you'd like to see some close-up pictures of the seams please use the link above to visit my blog. Now I'm just waiting for some advice on threads and I will be doing a spider's web in one corner next.

Glad to see that you're using the Blog Jacqui!
And extra happy to see (that) you've been bitten badly enough by the CQBug to start another block.

Just one hint--when you are applying a lace,braid,whatever,over a seam line,either incorporate it as you piece the block,or unpick the stitches of the seam where you are starting and ending the strip of whatever...this way you can slide the edge under the seam of the patches and have a neater look.
Thanks Maureen :) I incorporated the lace into a seam as I made the block because it was planned. The ribbon was an after thought to cover a raw edge where my piecing 'missed'. It didn't occur to me to tuck it into the seam at the ends tho'- good tip :)
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