Monday, June 06, 2005


A few non -sewing hints

On another group,I'm currently involved in a CQ Fan themed RR.
I happened to find some "brass" fan charms at a Scrapbooking shop,and after drilling holes for attaching them by,I decided that the gold look was too bright!
HOW was I going to dull or tarnish them ?
Not being particularly crafty,I thought I'd check with my online friends.The result?

The first hint from Gail:
If the charms are not real brass try dry painting on some black paint, then rubbing/dabbing off excess with a soft cloth or tissue. I use this technique when I am making brooches.
If they are real brass you may need to go the spray patina way as I am not sure if the paint technique will work with real brass.

The second from Relle:
you can buy a spray on patina that will dull it, or just leave them, in time they will discolour. You should be able to buy this at a craft shop or hardware.

Again from Gail,and I think AnnieW said the same:
A friend of mine used green paint as well to give it an old look.

Then Evie came up with:

Yes I have aged brass, applying some sort of flame to the surface usually does the trick depending on the quality of the 'brass'....flame works to tarnish most metals.
Soaking on Coca Cola can 'remove' almost any top surface off anything. I aged some silver once by placing in a bag with sulphur (just a couple of capsules that someone gave me).
Isn't it amazing how the things you would like to tarnish don't and the ones you don't want to do?
To cut to the chase----I found a gas cigarette lighter,applied it to the fan---
Voila! perfect!!
Thanks Evie.And yes,I will try out the other methods,WHEN I find out whether to use acrylic or enamel paints.
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