Thursday, June 30, 2005


Fairies at the bottom of Belle's garden

Here she is Belle - I hope you like her (if you can see her)- she's better in 'real' life :) I'm not sure how visible she is in the photo as I know she is there so I see her quite clearly. As she is stitched in metallic threads and these don't show up too well on the pc you will have to wait until she comes home for the true effect. Now to do a seam embellishment.

Jacqui, I love the colours of the ribbon you have used to make the vine, and the little fairy sort of "shimmers" in the background :)
for a lady who said she could(only) straight stitch,you're doing some lovely work.As Hope says the fairy shimmers in the back ground.I look forwrad to seeing a larger pic!
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