Monday, June 06, 2005


CQ Crazy

CQ Crazy

I have just finished my embellishments on Geminista's block and am very pleased with the results. I used Edmar threads to do the seam embellishments along with some twisted bugle beads and silver thread to make the butterflies, and the feather stitch is enhanced with Mill hill antique seed beads purple/dark green. The ribbon flower cluster is from satin ribbons, with Silk Ribbon for the french knots in the musky pink. Antique ?? mother of pearl buttond and a few milky seed beads, 3mm pearl beads and pearly tranluscent sequins fill in gaps. Leaves were done using detached chain stitch in 4mm hand dyed silk ribbon.
The rose heart on the second patch is done in DMC cottons in soft pinks and greens worked in bullion stitch.
I saw the photos for this block on the MSN site Hope, your work is lovely. Have you done much CQ before? The SRE looks very impressive! :) I am inspired to give it a try and have ordered 2 SRE books to give me some more info. Do you know of any good SRE websites? Looking forward to seeing some more :)
Jacqui, I haven't done much CQ at all, but I have done quite a bit of bullion embroidery. The roses are made from satin (nylon) ribbon not silk, as silk does not pull up as nicely,(not stiff enough) the ribbons are folded concertina style and then pulled up into a rose and stitched. I don't know of any silk ribbon websites, perhaps Maureen might. I have got a couple of Merrilyn Hazelwood's books to guide me through. I mostly teach myself from books - don't get time to go to classes.
Thanks Hope. My books arrived but left me scratching my head as it seems remarkably straight forward - guess I just need to have a go - useful to know about the silk/satin properties. There is a bit more about the books on my blog
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