Wednesday, June 01, 2005



My interest in FibreATCs originally started with reading messages on another crazy quilting site.
At the time I shied away from investigating it further because I "didn't need another distraction in my life"!!
Then for our first national retreat for CQ held in Canberra last October it was suggested that we made/CQed our name tags-----and some of these were the same dimensions as the Fibre ATCs the others were playing with.
This year,for the proposed event at Nowra in November, it was suggested that we could make "sets" for friendship swapping..........and so it develops.

Maureen G of TangledThreads Blogspot has been making and swapping these fibre art forms and giving me advice---

has some examples on her blog, and her works with many fields of fibre arts leaves me in awe.Check her site out!
The last couple of days I've been playing with "Very tiny pieces of CQ" namely pieces measuring 1 and 1/2 inches by 2 inches.(Silly me)
I've been endeavouring to piece these with silk----FUN!!
Silk keeps slip sliding away,slip,sliding....
I think the ATCs at the slightly larger size are more manageable.
Oh yes--------the ATCs! It's been suggested that backing them with white felt or even I guess,a calico gives you a backing on which you can write/print your name and details.
My next posting I'll make will be instructions for constructing these cards.......and yes,I think a swap/trade would be fun,but let's finish the RR first
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