Wednesday, June 01, 2005



These little pieces of art have me fascinated and puzzled! Maureen mentioned them earlier in this blog with some photos and I have been looking at some more via the CQI group. Mainly I wonder "why?" and "what are they for?" These are probably silly questions as art is 'for' it's self and 'just because'.

My first idea was that they were a kind of fiber business card, but they don't contain any contact information although they might give you plenty of idea about the skill of the maker.

Secondly, I have also heard of fiber postcards being sent by ordinary (and air) mail between quilters. These are postcard size versions of the ATC I guess, but do have space for an address on them - permanent marker, printed label? - and somehow a stamp is added (all the descriptions seem rather vague about how!) and they are sent naked out into the postal system, to arrive franked and dogeared adding to their charm and originality.

I wonder if anyone has any more ideas about these art forms?
Could we do a postcard or ATC exchange after the RR is finished?
What do you think? I am captivated and I'm not sure why or what the attraction is but I do know I want to know more :)
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