Wednesday, June 01, 2005


ATC How to start

Fiber Artist Trading Card

What is an Artist Trading Card (ATC)?
It's a 2.5" x 3.5" piece of art, made
to be exchanged with other artists, in our case mainly CQ;
This is the same size format as sports trading cards, They are a way to experiment with different techniques on a
really small scale, and to see what other artists are doing in their work.
Most of all they are fun to make and to collect!

See the links below for
more information and example of 'paper' ATC's, but remember we are doing
them in Fabrics/Fibers, beads, threads, embellishments etc.
They need to be towards the Quilt side of 'Fiber Art'
Here are some PAPER examples-

And two other points you may query:
a..Do ATCs have a "back"?
b.. Is there cardboard in the "sandwich"?

and the answers from MaureenG:
"I make my trading cards on cotton batting or felt as a base, then add
plain felt backing and buttonhole or machine stitch together. If the
back felt is white or very light you can write on it how you made the
card and your name and date. Otherwise I cut a small piece of paper
and stick it to the back. Forgot to say you usually include name,
date, method of making with the card (sort of like a quilt label)."
Now being a quilter you would think I might guess about there being a label on the back! "Oh of course," she cried :)
do you ALWAYS label your quilts??VBG
Got me! LOL
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