Saturday, May 14, 2005


Brave new beginings

My first CQ block is on it's way to Trish in New Zealand.

My only problem in making it was in overcoming my reluctance to begin. All those choices! All the beautiful fabrics I had gathered - which to use and where? What shapes to cut and where to position them? Seems silly now :)

I used the stitch and flip technique and just dived in. First I gathered a pile of colours I thought would go well together and then I pulled them randomly from the pile, cut out any old shape that seemed to fit (well everyone on the forum keeps saying "no rules", right?) and stitched it down. I did have a few fabrics that slipped as they were sewn. I guess this is why some people were suggesting using cottons. But nothing too disasterous. I assume (!) that as the seams will be anchored by the embellishment / seam treatments this will not matter. Finally I was pleased with the end result and so glad to have actually got it done.

As for the log book / journal, well, I am sure I could have done better here! Due to taking so long to get the block done - procrasternating - I was in a rush to post and ended up writing an open letter to my RR partners (setting out my likes and dislikes) and enclosing some sheets of paper for them to add comments on. I will, hopefully make this into an entry in my quilting journal - you know the one I'm going to make when I get around to it!

So, now I wait for the really scarey bit - sewing on someone elses block!!!!
I agree Jacqui.......
I "waste" more time oohing & aaaahing and fondling fabrics than I use constructing blocks.
As for Logbooks: anything that allows the members to jot down their actions is "enough"(you can guess I'm NOT a Scrapbooker)though I must admit I do like looking back through logbooks of previous RRs from time to time.
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