Monday, July 18, 2005


lynette's crazy quilt

Crazy Quilt was a Round Robin I did the daisies in the jug then it was sent to U S A to Zena who did the white lace and tiny heart with a little ribbon work then to Mary still in the USA who did the brazillian work near the lace with the pink and white seam work,thento England it when to Jane who did the tiny sea sene with a tiny clam shell and pearl beads and gold seaweed then on to Lillianin in the UK her work is the large rose and heart, and the seam in coral stitch .Then to France To Gabriela who did the little flowers in pink and the seam in pink seam and beads I did the rest
It is beautiful Lynette :) What will you make the CQ blocks into, if anything? They are nice enough to just frame and leave as 'art' aren't they?
I'm so glad to see that you finally found your way into the Blog, and that you've been busy posting a pic and comments!!
Somehow I get the feeling that you LOVE pink??
What dimension is the quilt?Is it sashed with CQ or a cq look alike fabric?
Hi Maureen I'm really in to blue the pinks have been hanging around for a while waiting for some thing to do I all ways buy more than I need so pink it is and that piece is framed looks good
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